The Year of Love!


"What you focus on you become"

2015 has been an amazing year for me and my team at Love Publicity. We have been so dedicated to providing the best pr services and communication plans for our clients, that our own personal projects took a back seat (like my weekly LinkedIn blog). About a month ago, I was reflecting on how we've produced some awesome things this year and how I wish I could share everything with everyone!  So I did! With the collaboration of my Creative Director Kristle Marshall (feel free to look her up) we came up with the coolest infographic to send to all of our agency supporters, partners, and friends. It's a snapshot of our 2015! I wanted to share it with my LinkedIn family too as you all been a huge part of my business growth. Stay connected with us, sign-up for our mailing list here:


Quick Cool Notes: 

1. Awesome content will be posted to my personal LinkedIn blog monthly starting in 2016. 

2. I was told that this feature on me was one of the most viewed articles! How cool is that? Read it here:

3. We've updated our services. If you want to inquire about Love Publicity's services, please request information at: 

4. We need a few rock star interns! Inquire at 

5. Happy Holidays & Happy New Year! 

Teia Wallington