The Break-Up (when it's time to let a client go)


Breaking up is hard to do regardless of the relationship but it especially needs to be done if it’s messing with the growth of your business. This may seem like a frightening idea at first, particularly if you’re in need of the money, but letting go of a stifling client will make your life easier and give you space to accept awesome clients in their place. Luckily, you probably won’t have to do this often but it’s important to know when it’s time!

“You got to know when to hold’ em, you gotta know when to fold’em.” - Kenny Rodgers

They’re draining!

A draining client comes in many forms! This client could require excessive hand-holding, you feel the need to be over-accommodating, they want to waste a lot of your time, or they want to micromanage everything you do. Give me a break! If your client can do their job and yours too, let them! Letting this client go will relieve you of the stress and give you the energy to focus on other clients and what truly matters in your business. As counterintuitive as it seems, sometimes you have to unplug to recharge.

They don’t recognize your value!

This is a no-brainer. If a client doesn’t know your worth, you should let them go. This client may compare you to your competitors, they might belittle the work you do or they may try to nickel and dime you. Honestly, is it worth it? Think about how much time you spend on them versus how much they pay you. If you’re not valued stop wasting your time and break it off!

They no longer fit with your business!

As your clients businesses grow, yours should too. Often times we’re told the client is always right but if the client is holding you back or doing things you would not advise them to do it’s ok to re-evaluate continuing your services with them. The best part about being the owner of your business is that you have the authority of choosing what is best for it.

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About The Author

Teia Harris is the Founder/Senior Publicist of Love Publicity, a public relations boutique focused on lifestyle brands. Teia has launched the Love Harder Campaign promoting self-love in style. Teia is a product of a vigorously working blue-collar city, Detroit, Michigan and no shortcuts have been taken on her journey to build her brand, all while simultaneously helping others build theirs.

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