Doing a little a day, can go a long way!


On any given day, I could be working on several projects simultaneously. The projects can vary from updates on my agency website, launching a new product for a client, planning a content strategy, or developing an entire PR campaign. Sounds overwhelming? It is, plus it’s a lot of work. With a little time management in addition to breaking projects down I have found that the best way to get my momentum going is investing my time by doing a little each day.

The best way to master your tasks without being in over your head is by making a schedule. I have found that scheduling a “goal completion day” is super motivating. Once I choose the goal date, I break down the project in sections with the goal to finish the large project in steps. Some parts of the project will take longer. Some days you’ll choose 2-3 tasks from the projects to complete, but checking off one small task from each large project daily allows you to feel accomplished, productive, and on track.

In everything you do, you must stay consistent. When working on several projects at once, it’s easy to skip on a task. I recommend that you stay on track. I found if I skip a day, I could completely screw up the momentum and will struggle to get back on track for hours and sometimes days. Don’t kill your vibe.

Be a taskmaster. When you make a task, try to stick to the schedule and master it. On Mondays I set the tone for a productive week by tackling each task I have on my list. My days are usually long but I have to get it done. After Monday my days are usually breezy, productive, and accomplished.

What do you do to manage a portfolio of clients? Share below.

About The Author

Teia Harris is the Founder/Senior Publicist of Love Publicity, a public relations boutique focused on lifestyle brands. Teia has launched the Love Harder Campaign promoting self-love in style. Teia is a product of a vigorously working blue-collar city, Detroit, Michigan and no shortcuts have been taken on her journey to build her brand, all while simultaneously helping others build theirs.

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