Does A Thriving Business Need A Publicist?


Does a Thriving business need a publicist? The answer to this is a no-brainer for a publicist; but business owners are often uncertain regarding the value of paying a public relations professional when their business is already thriving. To answer the question, yes, because public relations has become the most effective way to not only build, but also maintain a brand.Public relations is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to get a company's name and products into the world. Even Bill Gates would agree! Let’s face it, the world is progressing daily with the advancement in technology. Therefore, keeping your business fresh and evolving will assist with the longevity of the company overall.A business target market could be anyone from customers, prospects, investors, employees, suppliers, distributors, media/journalists, social media networks, government regulators, legislators and/or the public. With so many audiences to manage, a communications specialists should handle all these things cohesively.When you are persistently and repeatedly engaging with your target market it helps to raise awareness of your brand, products/services, create a healthier network, promote events, establish expertise, handle a crisis more smoothly, and last but not least BUILD CREDIBILITY. The bottom line is to get word out to those who could potentially buy from a thriving company, a consistent public relations program will help build general awareness of your product, service or brand and will supplement any direct marketing and advertising efforts. The longevity of your brand is determined by your determination to grow with professional help.

About The Author

Teia Harris is the Founder/Senior Publicist of Love Publicity, a public relations boutique focused on lifestyle brands. Teia has launched the Love Harder Campaign promoting self-love in style. Teia is a product of a vigorously working blue-collar city, Detroit, Michigan and no shortcuts have been taken on her journey to build her brand, all while simultaneously helping others build theirs.

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