5 Things That Made Me A Better Publicist


Boy do I talk too much. This is what I’ve been told all my life. I share way too much information; I give a way all my secrets. Well, I’m going to continue to run my big mouth and share how I became a more successful public relations professional and entrepreneur. All my life I’ve been a huge procrastinator, hoarder and tad bit of a Tasmanian devil. With negative qualities like those I was doomed at the start. However as the determined and self-motivated person that I am, I had to find the things that made me the most effective communicator. Here are the 5 things that I changed to make me a more successful publc relations professional.

  1. I found out what times I work the best. Although it’s true that as an entrepreneur you’ll find yourself working over 60 hour work weeks. I realized for me that sometimes I’m suppose to be working but in actuality I'm really finding everything else to indulge in (even if it’s starting a new series on Netflix) but work. One day I made it a point to figure out when I was the most effective. Hello 5am.

  2. I practice my writing. Getting straight to the point in the first paragraph is my job. However by doing this I lost some of my creative juices! As a result, I started this blog. I also seek freelancing opportunities. I am now communicating better.

  3. I make lists, I check it twice. On top of calls, emails, pitches, creating content, writing blog posts, social media branding, payroll, small projects, large projects its just a brain full of things to do. I have learned that if I get it all out by making a list before I start working, I am able to prioritize and knockout each task one by one.

  4. I work smart and hard. Boy was a huge burden lifted off me the day I learned how to delegate and properly manage projects.

  5. I develop real relationships. As a shameless plug “I Love Publicity”, but really, I truly love what I do, the people I work with, and the people I do it for. As a result, I learn to show my appreciation through handwritten notes and remember important dates. This is something natural and a genuine trait that I possess. As a result I build real long-lasting relationships.

Please share! How did you become better in your industry?

About The Author

Teia Harris is the Founder/Senior Publicist of Love Publicity, a public relations boutique focused on lifestyle brands. Teia has launched the Love Harder Campaign promoting self-love in style. Teia is a product of a vigorously working blue-collar city, Detroit, Michigan and no shortcuts have been taken on her journey to build her brand, all while simultaneously helping others build theirs.

Teia Wallington